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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Opt for Our Online Transcription Services in Atlanta by Native Professionals

Transcription, which entails creating an accurate text document of a video or audio recording, is not only necessary but also imperative in many fields. Transcription helps businesses and professionals accurately document what was said, share information, and communicate their messages to a broader audience.

Quick Transcription Service is your best option if you are searching for fast, top-notch transcription services in Atlanta without breaking the bank. Our highly skilled and experienced transcription staff will handle your transcription needs with high accuracy and 100% confidentiality.

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High-Quality Atlanta Transcription Services at Affordable Rates

As an ISO 9001:2015 Standards company, we uphold best practices in transcription to deliver high-quality output every time. Over the years, Quick Transcription Service has built a strong reputation in Atlanta, Georgia, for providing confidential and reliable transcripts for professional and personal needs consistently.

Our team is highly proficient, well-resourced, and detail-oriented to handle all types of transcription projects in any industry. Your task is handled by a transcriber who understands the language and the terminology and is highly knowledgeable in the subject matter to guarantee 100% satisfaction.

We have transcribed numerous video and audio recordings such as:

✓ Medical transcription- Medical information is highly sensitive, and we treat it with the highest information security and confidentiality standards. We transcribe voice-recorded documents like patient records, prescriptions, medical procedures, lectures, doctor conversations, etc.

✓ Legal transcription- We offer court approved transcription services, making it easy to access court proceedings and other legal proceedings in text format. We transcribe legal briefs, trials, sentencing, police interrogation, depositions, arbitration, court hearings, investigative reports, and parliament sessions for easy referencing.

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✓ Business transcription- We transcribe corporate documents such as interviews, interviews, market research, board meetings, marketing content, focus groups, etc., for businesses in under 24 hours.

✓ Academic transcription- We transcribe everything academic for the students, professors, and researchers, such as research notes, classroom recordings, academic research, dissertation material, e-learning websites, etc.

✓ Online Transcription- In this digital era where communication has gone digital, we help you reach a wider content by transcribing online content. We will transcribe your podcast, YouTube video, eBook, webinar, and entertainment video.

✓ General audio transcription- General video transcription services in Atlanta are handled by general transcribers without special qualifications or industry-leading expertise, transcribing files from various fields. If you have a phone call, sermon, interview, live event, movie, dictation, meeting, or a public service announcement, we will transcribe it for you for cheap.

Certified Professional Audio Transcription Services in Atlanta

Today, certified transcription services in Atlanta for recorded files are highly demanded for official purposes in the language industry. This calls for crucial information to be transcribed by a certified professional linguist into the exact written text to reach the target audience effectively. Our transcribers can transcribe audio files in any format, including MP3s and CDs, and document them into a text format with accuracy and reliability within agreed timelines.

With certified audio transcriptions, the transcriber signs, stamps, or provides a document confirming that the transcription is accurate and a true copy of the original, meeting all the certified transcription requirements of the country they intend to use it in. Professional translation services in Atlanta are especially important for legal and medical fields.


Professional Transcription Services in Atlanta by the Experts

Some organizations rely on speech recognition software to transcribe audio and video files. While this may appear as the fastest, cheapest option, the result is always poor-quality transcripts, and as such, the job calls for human transcription services in Atlanta.

At Quick Transcription Service, all transcription projects are transcribed word for word by humans. Our rigorous quality checks system ensures that the most competent native transcriptionists handle each project to guarantee high-quality work every time with 100% satisfaction.

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We have native expert linguists from around the world, allowing us to transcribe files in over 100 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, French, etc.

Why Are Audio and Video Transcription Services Important?

• Companies and professionals transcribe documents to fulfill applicable legal requirements.

• Transcription provides alternative communication formats in written material to reach and engage a broader audience, especially those with hearing impairment.

• Where the audio material is intended for promotional purposes, transcribing them increases their rankings on search engines.

• Professionally transcribed transcripts accurately capture all the necessary details, saving you time and money that would otherwise be wasted debating trivial issues.


Other Language Services Offered by Quick Transcription Service

✓ Translation services

✓ Typing services

✓ Voice over services

✓ Subtitling services

✓ Audio description services

✓ Closed captioning services

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