100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Trusted Video and Audio Transcription Services in Cleveland 

Quick Transcription Service provides 100% human transcription services in Cleveland. We deliver reliable transcripts in over 100 languages at affordable rates. Get professional transcription services starting at $1/minute for general content and $2/minute for legal transcriptions. For your complimentary quote, call 1-800-230-7918 today. Our team of native transcribers specializes in providing high-quality transcripts in a fast turnaround time.

Cleveland is a major city in Ohio state of the United States. It is home to numerous cultural institutions and businesses. Transcription service allows businesses to record important details for future reference.

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The transcription services in Cleveland help to increase the accessibility of video and audio files. Transcription solutions also ensure that individuals with hearing issues and foreign language speakers are able to understand your content. We guarantee the delivery of our transcription solutions on time

Professional Transcription Services in Cleveland

Quick Transcription Service is one of the well-known transcription services companies in Cleveland. The main aim is to provide professional transcription services in Cleveland to all industries. Whether you are in the marketing sector or the entertainment industry, our professionals can help.

We transcribe a variety of video and audio files at cheap prices. Our expert native transcribers can transcribe phone calls, police recordings, academic files, meetings, business interviews, podcasts, research files, investigative recordings, and dictation. Our transcription solutions are available to students, corporate businesses, and other individuals. Besides transcription, we also offer closed captioning services.

Quick Transcription Service focuses on becoming the first choice for every industry. Our dedication and transparency make us popular among the customers in Cleveland. Moreover, we take responsibility for the privacy and confidentiality of your file by signing an NDA.

Reliable Cleveland Transcription Services for Legal Industry

Legal is an important industry in Cleveland. Legal professionals need audio and video transcription services in Cleveland. Quick Transcription Service transcribes court recordings, confession videos, wiretaps, depositions, trials, hearings, and evidence.

Transcription services help law firms transcribe important files for effective representation in court. Our professional transcribers know the terms used in the legal industry. We provide you with court-approved transcription solutions on time done by experienced legal transcribers.

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Audio and Video Transcription Services for Medical Industry

The healthcare industry in Cleveland is growing. Documenting the health information of patients is vital for healthcare organizations in Cleveland. Transcription services allow healthcare organizations to keep a record of the interaction between doctors and patients.

Medical professionals need top-quality online transcription services. Thus, we assist the doctors in documenting patient information and delivering proper care. Our professionals guarantee privacy of the information of your patients.

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We can transcribe meetings, doctor notes, and healthcare seminars. The knowledge of the different terms in the medical industry enables us to deliver accurate solutions. We provide HIPAA-compliant transcription services to healthcare professionals.

High-Quality Transcription Services for Educational Sector

Cleveland has some of the best universities and colleges. The popular universities include Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland State University. We focus on meeting the transcription needs of educational institutes.

Videos are increasingly used by institutions to engage students. All educational videos and audio files of universities and colleges need to be transcribed. Transcription services are essential for lectures, conferences, and seminars.

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We provide certified transcription services in Cleveland to educational institutes. The delivery of complete and accurate transcripts within the deadline is our responsibility.

Flexible Multilingual Transcription Services in Cleveland

We provide Cleveland transcription services in multiple languages. You can expect affordable transcription services in Cleveland in over 100 languages. Whether you want to transcribe your files in Spanish or French, we are the best option.

We transcribe files in Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Italian, French, Japanese, German, Chinese, and Portuguese. Our native transcribers are committed to providing accurate transcripts to customers. Every transcript is edited minutely and flaws are fixed before delivery.

Affordable Professional Audio Transcriptions in Cleveland

Quick Transcription Service provides affordable transcription services to customers in Cleveland. Whether you need to transcribe your audio files or video files, we can deliver them at cost-effective prices. Clients can save more on transcription costs.

Our competitive cost of transcription services makes us unique in the industry. We make our transcription solutions easily available to students, writers, and businesses. You can get high-quality transcripts at the best rates.

Efficient Audio and Video Transcription Services

At Quick Transcription Service, we provide fast video and audio transcription solutions. No matter the type and size of files you want to transcribe, we deliver the transcripts in less time. Our smart approach enables us to deliver our services faster.

Our professional transcribers ensure to provide the transcripts of your files within the deadline. The core aim is to ensure the satisfaction of customers in Cleveland. Connect with our professional transcribers to know more about our rush transcription services.

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