100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Reliable Audio and Video Transcription Services

Quick Transcription Service provides accurate online transcription services in over 100 languages. We provide transcription services at competitive rates: starting at $1 per minute for general transcriptions and $2 per minute for legal transcriptions. Don't miss out, call 1-800-230-7918 today for your free quote. Whether it is a business meeting, interview, or podcast, we deliver the best transcription solutions in a fast turnaround time. The native transcribers in our team guarantee custom services at cost-effective prices.

Akron is the fifth largest city in Ohio. The city is home to over 703,000 people. Both individuals and organizations in Akron need professional transcription services.

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Transcription services allow keeping records of conferences and meetings in textual form for future use. Professional transcription solutions help in making content scannable and searchable. Trust our certified transcribers and get absolutely the best quality solutions with NDA protection.

Professional Audio Transcription Services in Akron

All industries need affordable transcription services in Akron for several reasons. The legal sector needs transcripts to present evidence in court. Marketing and media industries use professional transcription services in Akron to add text to videos.

As one of the leading transcription services companies in Akron, Quick Transcription Service meets the transcription needs of all industries. We deliver top-quality transcripts to the legal, corporate, entertainment, marketing, and education sector. You can transcribe research videos, investigative files, phone calls, podcasts, dictation, academic videos, and court proceedings.

The professional transcribers in our team aim to provide 100% human transcription services in Akron and our new service areas including Austin, Buffalo, Cleveland, Connecticut, Honolulu, Minneapolis, Portland, Tucson, Tulsa, Washington, and Columbus. The experience and knowledge of the transcribers in the industry enable them to deliver genuine solutions. Just upload your video or audio files and get the transcripts in less time.

Accurate Akron Transcription Services for the Legal Sector

The legal industry is growing in Akron. Judges, attorneys, and law firms need transcription services in Akron. Accurate transcripts allow legal professionals and police to better represent the cases in court.

Whether you need court approved video or audio transcripts, Quick Transcription Service can help. The native transcribers are familiar with the legal terms and can transcribe any file. Transcribing video footage, audio confessions, digital video file, and witness statements is our specialty.

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Professional Transcriptions in Akron for the Medical Sector

Healthcare is an important segment in Akron. Medical professionals partner with transcription companies to keep a record of patient information. Transcribers help healthcare professionals to transcribe several audio recordings and update patient history.

We provide reliable audio and video transcription services in Akron to the healthcare sector. You can expect accurate transcription of medical procedures, patient health records, and notes. Quick Transcription Service delivers medical transcripts at budget-friendly transcription service rates.

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We ensure keeping the files confidential by signing an NDA. Our transcribers also provide HIPAA-compliant transcription services.

Akron Transcription Services for the Education Sector

Lecturers and students are in need of certified transcription services in Akron. Transcription of academic materials helps academicians and students in several ways. It makes educational content more accessible to learners.

Transcription services enable the students to access the content even after the online classes are over. Connect with our native transcribers and get flexible transcription services to fit your exact needs. Create an inclusive learning environment and support students across the globe.

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Opt for Our Multilingual Transcription Services in Akron

Individuals belonging to different backgrounds and cultures live in Akron. That is why the demand for multilingual transcription services is increasing. We provide our transcription solutions in over 100 languages.

You can transcribe your media files in languages like Spanish, Japanese, German, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, and many more. The native transcribers in our team have expertise in the different languages. Share your transcription needs with us and get the highest quality transcripts in much less time.

Affordable Audio Transcription Services in Akron

Video producers and individuals are looking for professional transcription services at cheap prices. The cost-effective transcription services rates of Quick Transcription Service make it a top choice among the customers in Akron. Our cost of transcription services enables us to expand our customer base.

Clients can gain access to genuine transcripts without any compromise on the quality of the transcription. Each and every transcribed file is carefully reviewed by the experts. The simple process makes the delivery of our transcription services faster.

Whether you want normal or braille transcripts, our professionals can help. Besides transcription, we also provide closed captioning, dvd transcription and translation services to customers. Irrespective of the type or size of your projects, collaborate with us and get high-quality transcripts.

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