100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


99% Accuracy, Quick, and Reliable Transcription Services in Portland

Quick Transcription Service is the industry leader in providing transcription services in Portland in over 100 languages by native transcribers at competitive prices with guaranteed customer satisfaction and timely delivery. We provide transcription services at competitive rates: starting at $1 per minute for general transcriptions and $2 per minute for legal transcriptions. Connect with us at 1-800-230-7918 to get your free quote right away.

Our native transcribers are experienced and provide linguistically and technically accurate transcripts, regardless of the industry.

We offer it all in a quick turnaround, whether you are seeking medical, research, technical, academic, corporate, legal, or business transcription.

Industry transcription like medical

We understand the importance of converting audio content to text format accurately. We offer human transcription services in Portland. Unlike machine transcriptions, we not only transcribe word-for-word but ensure transcribing of the original meaning, intent, and emotions in the audio content.

Our native transcribers are fluent with the language and its diverse dialects. We provide accurate transcripts keeping in mind regional differences. The audience can understand our transcripts clearly.

Professional Audio Transcription Services in Portland

We serve businesses and individuals with our professional transcription services in Portland. Companies need to transcribe an interview, phone call, conference, dictation, meeting, etc., to maintain a record of important information that is accessible easily when required. Finding the information needed from an audio recording is challenging and time-consuming. So, converting it to text format helps to gain insights from meaningful analysis. Our USA transcription services extend beyond Portland, catering to clients nationwide with the same level of accuracy and dedication.

Our transcribers reduce the challenges by transcribing content required by businesses with the utmost accuracy. We also transcribe marketing videos, advertisements, and other promotional material to reach audiences who have a problem understanding the spoken language or have hearing disabilities. Our native transcribers help you convey the marketing message to the target audience and accelerate business growth.

Choose us for accurate Portland transcription services.

Transcribing advertisements for businesses

Top Portland Transcription Services for Your Industry

The legal sector requires a written record of speeches, court proceedings, witness statements, etc. Our court-approved transcribers provide accurate transcripts of legal content, not just in Portland but also in Pembroke Pines, Maine, Eugene, Lexington, Salem, and more, to meet the nationwide demand.

Similarly, marketing and media companies require transcripts of video content to add to websites. Moreover, audio transcription services enable you to stay focused on the interview, podcast, meeting and refer later to gain crucial insights helpful in designing essential strategies.

Professional transcribers at work

Our native transcribers are language experts with specialization in various sectors. We can handle transcripts across multiple industries with 99% accuracy.

No matter the industry, we can handle it all efficiently.

Popular transcription services we provide are:

  • ✓ Academic transcription
  • ✓ Video transcription
  • ✓ Legal transcription
  • ✓ Video transcription
  • ✓ Business transcription
  • ✓ Podcast transcription, etc.

You can reach out to us round-the-clock for affordable transcription services in Portland.

Audio and Video Transcription Services in Portland

Regardless of the field, video transcription services are beneficial for entertainment, communication, marketing, Netflix videos, etc. Accurate transcripts enable you to expand your reach to audiences with impaired hearing or difficulty hearing. Audiences can enjoy the content with its original characters. Transcripts also help in reaching the target group with a problem understanding the spoken language. Our closed captioning services enable you to reach them.

A man watching a video with captions

Audio and video transcripts make your company easily searchable by the target group. Search engines cannot index audio and video files. Transcripts of these files make you easily searchable on search engines. We help expand your reach worldwide with our online transcription services offered globally. Closed captioning of videos also makes it easier to translate captions to subtitles, making the video multilingual and reaching international audiences.

You can print our transcripts and convert them to Braille to improve accessibility further.

Our video transcription services come with guaranteed customer satisfaction, timely delivery, and 99% accuracy.

Contact us to convert audio recordings and videos into text.

Professional Transcription Services in Portland by Experts

Our high-quality transcription services can handle all audio files, regardless of nuances like multiple speakers, background noise, various languages, and cases belonging to different sectors.

We offer everything you expect from a professional transcription service provider.

Our key features are listed below:

  • • Confidential: Your files are safe, secure, and protected from unauthorized access.
  • • Verbatim: Accurate verbatim transcripts capturing every syllable, word, sound, etc.
  • • Time stamps: We offer a time stamping service to make it easy for you to find the required information.
  • • Simple process: The process of uploading the file is simple. Our customer support team will provide a free quote. The transcript is sent within the specified time.
  • • Affordable: Competitive cost of transcription services
  • • 24/7 customer support
  • • 99% accuracy

We offer transcription services in simple and complex languages, including, Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, Vietnamese, Arabic, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc. Our transcribers are linguistically fluent. Accuracy is assured.

Contact us for the most accurate and cheap transcription services for students, police, investigative cases, business, law firms, films, etc., at affordable transcription services rates. We also provide certified transcription services in Portland.

All you need to do is upload the file for a free quotation. Your transcript will be sent to you within the stipulated time.

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