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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Turkish Transcription Services

Quick Transcription Service accepts all kinds of Audio and Video file formats for Turkish Transcription (Mp3, Mp4, Mpeg, Avi, DDS and etc). Have questions? Contact us at 1-800-230-7918. We start at $7 per minute.

We not only provide Turkish Transcription but also offer Turkish to English Transcription and Translation services. The translation services include Turkish Document Translation, Turkish to English audio translation and English to Turkish audio translation services.

Turkish Transcription Services

Quick Transcription Service has a powerful team of highly skilled and experienced Turkish transcribers to fulfill the global demand for Turkish transcription services. Given the fact that more than 83 million people speak Turkish as their native language and a few million more as a second dialect, it is quite noticeable that the demand for Turkish transcription services is ever-increasing. To meet this challenge, we are completely determined to provide with the finest quality, culturally sensitive, and impeccable Turkish transcription services all across the globe.

We offer amazing Turkish Transcription Services in more than 100 plus languages, including Farsi transcription services to cater to the needs of Farsi speakers. A team of experts is readily available 24x7x365. The expert transcriptionists have in-depth knowledge of both Turkish and English. They deliver internationally acknowledged Turkish transcription services both ways, i.e., English to Turkish as well as Turkish to English transcription services.

Certified Turkish Transcription Services

Quick Transcription Service is a trusted name for high-quality, error-free Turkish transcription services. We provide the most comprehensive range of certified Turkish transcription services, including video captions, audio & video transcriptions, at the most competitive prices. Our certified transcriptions are accepted across the globe. We not only promise you reliable Turkish to English transcription services but also promise high standards of ethics & privacy of your business or personal information by offering to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). Your data is safe & secure, only visible to the authorized individuals working on your assignment. We have multilingual customer support motivated to clear even the minutest query of yours right away. To get the best quote for English to Turkish transcription services, reach out to our client support team at “or email us at “- we’re ready to serve you. Embrace the global village from louisville with our bespoke transcription services, where authentic human touch meets precision in Arabic, Czech, Greek, and Persian —ensuring your message resonates accurately and profoundly, every time.

Why opt for our Turkish to English transcription services?

  • ✓ Deliver accurate, genuine, and well-organized Turkish to English transcription.
  • ✓ Ensure to safeguard your data.
  • ✓ Always provide the finest service at the most reasonable prices.
  • ✓ Offer fast and very economical transcription service.
  • ✓ All types of Audio and Video file formats for Turkish Transcription (Mpeg, Mp3, DDS, Mp4, Avi, etc.) are accepted.

Professional and Accurate Turkish Transcription Services

Quick Transcription Service is a leading transcription service provider that operates in more than 100 plus languages round the clock. The company is known for its Turkish audio transcription services. On the other hand, Quick Transcription Service ensures that they meet ISO 9001:2015 standards and hence could not be ignored at all costs for all Turkish transcription services. The company counts leading brands such as GE, NASA, and Intel as its customers. Quick Transcription Service works with both individuals and companies and provides "super rush" services for time-bound projects as per the client's needs. For additional information, visit our website.

Benefits of Turkish Transcription

To understand the essentiality of Turkish transcription, it is noteworthy to know that Turkish is a very vastly spoken language, having around an approximate fifteen million native speakers in Southeast Europe and another approximate sixty million native speakers in Western Asia. And that is not all as there small groups of speakers of the language in places such as Germany, Greece, the Caucasus, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Northern Cyprus and some other parts of central Asia and Europe. The European Union has been requested to add Turkish as an official language by Cyrus despite that Turkey is not a member state of the European Union. As such, it is easily noticed that the Turkish language cuts across the world and has quite a large number of speakers who are continually engaging this language in various fields of life, ranging from immigration through academics, legal and medical to entertainment and sports.

Turkish to English Transcription Services|| English to Turkish Transcription Services

Considering the cultural differences of the two states, we have a team of expert transcriptionists who have in-depth knowledge of both the languages, Turkish and English, which enables us to supply a socially conscious and internationally acknowledged Turkish transcription service both ways, i.e., Turkish to English as well as English to Turkish transcription services.

The finest service at the lowest price

We are available 24x7x365 to deliver absolutely accurate, genuine, and well-organized English to Turkish transcriptions. We make sure to safeguard the solidarity of your data and always provide you the quickest turn-around time possible at the most reasonable prices. Don’t hesitate to contact us for the smallest of your doubts.

We offer amazing Turkish Transcription Services

Turkish transcription services are always in demand, given the existence of Turkish speakers across all regions of the world. There are also constant immigration and emigration for people between Turkish speaking region and non-Turkish speaking regions for purposes such as education, immigration, medical and legal issues. As such, documents are constantly being transcribed by these people, hence, there is a high need for an efficient and reliable transcription provider. We have identified these demands as a challenge and have thus pooled together a team of highly experienced and educated Turkish transcriber who works at all times to deliver high quality, culture-sensitive, and error-free services.

Turkish to English Transcription Services

We specially offer reliable and efficient transcriptions that are acceptable in any Anglophone countries where the official, legal, medical and educational services are rendered or required in the English language. Our team of transcription experts have a deep understanding of both the Turkish and English languages, the cultural difference of the two regions. This helps them to deliver a culture-sensitive and globally accepted Turkish to English transcription service at the shortest time possible without compromising the contents of your documents.

Claim the best English to Turkish Transcription Services

As we have for transcription for the Turkish to English language, our team of expert Turkish transcribers are also well versed and highly experienced in the delivery of transcription. They are always available round the clock to furnish clients with a completely accurate, reliable and efficient English to Turkish language transcription service. Our transcription service is fast and very economical, and we always ensure to protect the integrity of your files and their contents. Contact us today and get the best transcriptions at very considerate costs.

Language Information

Turkish is a language spoken as a native language by over 83 million people across the world. Turkish speakers are located largely in Northern Cyprus and Turkey with smaller groups in Iraq, Bulgaria, Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Albania and other parts of Eastern Europe. The language contains many dialects but the standard is Istanbul Turkish.


Other than Turkish transcription services, we also provide Turkish to English transcription and Translation services. The translation services comprise Turkish to English audio translation, Turkish Document Translation, and English to Turkish audio translation services. We accept all types of Audio and Video file formats for Turkish Transcription (Mpeg, Mp3, DDS, Mp4, Avi, etc.).

Turkish Online Transcription Services

  • ✓ Turkish Speech Transcription
  • ✓ Turkish Voice To Text Transcription
  • ✓ Turkish Legal Transcription
  • ✓ Turkish Video Transcription
  • ✓ Turkish Business Transcription
  • ✓ Turkish Digital Transcription
  • ✓ Turkish Media Transcription
  • ✓ Turkish Movie Transcription
  • ✓ Turkish Sermon Transcription
  • ✓ Turkish Interview Transcription
  • ✓ Turkish Audio Transcription
  • ✓ Turkish Corporate Transcription

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Bridging Communications: The Role of Turkish Transcription Services in the U.S.

The Turkish community in the United States, though a small fraction of the overall population, plays a significant role in the cultural and linguistic diversity of the nation. Recent surveys and reports indicate that the number of Turkish speakers in the U.S. is in the tens of thousands, a testament to the vibrant Turkish-American community. This group spans across various demographics, including a balanced mix of males and females, as well as a wide age range from the young to the elderly. Key moments in the history of Turkish Americans, such as the establishment of cultural organizations and participation in cultural festivals, highlight the community's active contribution to the multicultural landscape of the U.S. The Turkish language finds its importance across several industries including academic research, legal proceedings, healthcare, and entertainment, indicating a wide-reaching need for Turkish transcription services.

Turkish transcription services in the United States serve a crucial function for both the Turkish-speaking community and those engaging with it. These services are essential for academic researchers delving into Turkish studies, legal professionals handling cases with Turkish-speaking clients, medical practitioners providing care to Turkish Americans, and media producers looking to make content accessible. Turkish transcription facilitates the accurate conversion of spoken language into written text, ensuring clarity, compliance, and accessibility. It is indispensable for professional scenarios requiring precise documentation, such as interviews, legal depositions, and medical records, as well as personal uses, including the transcription of family histories or events. By enabling effective communication and documentation, Turkish transcription services play a vital role in supporting the needs of Turkish speakers in the U.S., fostering inclusivity, and enhancing understanding across linguistic boundaries.

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