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Translation Services in Alveslohe

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Translation Rates

Exclusive offers on Document Translation

No. of Pages Offer Price/Pages
100 to 149
30% €15.75
50 to 99
20% €18
20 to 49
10% €20.25
Up to 19
- €22.5
150+ Pages
Custom offers
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No. of Pages Turnaround Time
1 to 2
3 business days
3 to 4
4 business days
5 to 10
5 business days
10 to 15
7 business days
Rush Delivery
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Exclusive offers on Audio Translation

File Length Offer Price/Min
720 minutes and above
30% €4.55
360 to 719 minutes
20% €5.2
180 to 359 minutes
10% €5.85
Up to 179 minutes
- €6.5
Bulk Orders
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File Length Turnaround Time
Up to 30 minutes
1 business day
1 hour
2 business days
2 hours
3 business days
3-4 hours
5 business days
Rush Delivery
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These details may vary for a few languages * For document translation 1 page means 250 words or less

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Translation Services in Alveslohe

Quick Transcription Service offers Online Translation Services of high quality which include professional and certified language translation, Book Translation, Audio Translation, Website translation, Document translation, Legal translation and more translation services at affordable translation rate in and around the city of Alveslohe, Schleswig Holstein.


Certified translation agency in Alveslohe

Alveslohe is a municipality of Segeberg district in the state Schleswig-Holstein, Germany. According to 2011 census, the population was 2570. Mr.Peter Kroll is the mayor of the municipality Alveslohe. The area of this municipality is 21.56 km. sq. Alveslohe is one of the municipality under the name Amt which is known as ‘Collective Municipalities’ in Kaltenkirchen land.

Professional Translation Services In Alveslohe

QTS is the certified translation company in Alveslohe offering wide range of translation online services that includes: Phone Translation, Literary Translation, Interview Translation, Simultaneous Translation, Audiovisual Translation, Contract Translation, Video Translation, Academic Translation, Media Translation, certificate translation and more.

Our translation services further extends to speech translation, marketing document translation, written translation, app translation, lyrics Translation, birth certificate translation, voice translation, business translation, official translation, financial translation, technical translation, resume translation, webpage translation and more.


German Translation Services In Alveslohe

We at QTS provides the most accurate and certified German translation services by Alveslohe professional German translators. Our most important German translations are English to German translation and German to English translation but we are considering a lot of German to Arabic translation, French to German translation, German to Greek translation, Tagalog to German translation, German to Spanish translation, Urdu to German translation and German to Afrikaans translations as well.

If you are interested in our charge for best German translation services contact us now on 1-888-662-7710.


QTS Other Language Translation Services In Alveslohe

QTS Language translation services are extended to over 250 languages in Alveslohe. Our fast language translating services include: Korean Translation, Dutch Translation, Arabic Translation, Hindi Translation, Japanese translation, Portuguese Translation, Swedish Translation, Persian Translation, Spanish Translation, Italian Translation, Urdu Translation, English Translation, French translation, Latin translation, Tamil translation, Russian translation and more.

Language Combination Translation Services In Alveslohe

QTS provides the Translation Services in Alveslohe of Schleswig Holstein in various translation combinations of languages. Our language translation combinations include: English to Italian translation, German to English translation, English to French translation, English to Chinese translation, English to Japanese translation, English to Spanish Translation, Dutch to English translation, English to Arabic Translation, Russian to English Translation, Dutch to German translation and more.

Quick Transcription Service as our extended services also provide: localization, transcription and Interpretation services.

To get our Online Translation Services upload your files,



Transcription Services In Alveslohe

Quick Transcription Service provides various types of Online Transcription Services such as: university transcription, audio transcription, official transcription, video transcription, legal transcription, interview transcription, academic transcription and court transcription services.


Language Transcription Services In Alveslohe

Our professional transcriptionists have wide-ranging experiences in Spanish transcription, French transcription, Arabic transcription, Hindi transcription, Russian transcription, German transcription, English transcription and more.


Voice Over Services in Alveslohe

QTS offers high class Voice Over Services and voice recordings services in Alveslohe with a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. Get a qualified male and female voice over talent for your project in Alveslohe.

We offer cheap and professional voice over services such as: voice over presentations, voice over radio, voice over TV, voice over narration, voice over movie, voice over celebrity, voice over commercials, voice over PowerPoint, voice over cartoon and much more in Alveslohe.

We also provide Interpretation Services Alveslohe, Localization services Alveslohe, Closed Captioning Services Alveslohe, Subtitling Services Alveslohe, Typing Services Alveslohe and CART Services Alveslohe.


Online Translation Services FAQ

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