100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Transcription Services in New Orleans - Quick, Cheap and Exact

Hire our transcription services in New Orleans to enjoy our premium features. We cater to over 100 languages with the support of a wide network of native transcribers from around the world.

Our prices are affordable and our service, exceptional. Quick Transcription Service guarantees 100% customer satisfaction with our professional New Orleans transcription services. Enjoy cost-effective transcription solutions starting $1/minute for general transcriptions and $2/minute for those with legal content. Reach out to us on 1-800-230-79188 to get your no-cost quote.

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Professional Transcription Services in New Orleans

When you work in a fast-paced environment, you are sure to find it difficult to keep going back to recordings and video tapes to find materials discussed in meetings. That's when transcription comes in handy.

Converting recordings of your meetings, presentations and training sessions to text will make it very easy for anyone to quickly search for the section they are looking for.

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You can also have these transcripts time-coded or converted into closed captions which will be even more advantageous to your users. Transcripts can help make your content accessible to blind or visually impaired people by printing them out in Braille. If you convert transcripts into closed captions, they will also benefit those who are hard of hearing or deaf.

You might consider creating transcripts of your video or audio files by yourself, but you must realize that this is a very time and labor intensive process. Despite being very diligent, you are very likely to make typos or mishear parts of the audio. If the audio file has disturbances, then you will struggle even more.

Hence, it is advisable to invest in professional transcription services in New Orleans.

Audio and Video Transcription Services - How They Work

A video or audio transcription service's basic task is to precisely convert audio tracks word-for-word into text formats. Our online transcription services follow a very simple workflow because we want to make the whole process seamless and convenient for you. Our customers rely on us and return to us every time they have transcription needs because we are a client-centric agency prioritizing your satisfaction.

Here is a summary of our workflow:

• Share your requirements: The first step is for you to share your requirements for us to analyze. You can contact us through chat, call, email or via our website. Our customer support is open 24/7 because we know that you might have urgent requirements.

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  • • Get a free quote: Once we have your requirements, we will draw up a quotation for you at no cost. You can opt for our rush services at this stage if your needs are urgent. Do let us know if you need your transcripts to be notarized or certified as well.
  • • Share your files: Send us your files by email or upload them on our secure portal. We will immediately assign a team for your project who will complete your transcripts within the decided timelines.
  • • Receive your transcripts: Sit back, relax and receive your transcripts as expected. We guarantee 99% accuracy in all our outputs.

Types of New Orleans Transcription Services We Offer

Our video transcription services in New Orleans are among the most relied on in the city. We are a one-stop shop for all language service needs. We offer our services in over 100 languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Russian.

Our quick and affordable transcription services in New Orleans include various sectors such as the following:

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  • ✓ Legal transcription services: We transcribe several types of files for legal employees, clerks and organizations. You can send us your police interviews, investigative recordings, phone call recordings, and witness statements. We provide court approved transcripts for all legal needs.
  • ✓ Academic transcription services: Our team of educational experts can transcribe any academic files such as lecture recordings, research findings and presentations for students, educators and e learning businesses.
  • ✓ Corporate and business transcription: We provide transcripts of any corporate files such as meeting recordings, confidential video files, interview tapes, etc. for businesses.
  • ✓ Media and entertainment transcription: We also support media companies and content creators by transcribing their podcast, social media content, dictation, etc.

At Quick Transcription Service, we guarantee 99% accuracy by providing 100% human transcription services in New Orleans. We do not use any bots or AI software for transcription because we believe that only a human will be able to accurately preserve the nuances of your content.

We are among the leading transcription services companies in New Orleans providing human transcriptions.

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Professional Audio Transcription Services in New Orleans

Get certified transcription services in New Orleans at unmatched prices by hiring Quick Transcription Service as your partner.

We are a team of professional accredited transcribers who have worked in this field for years. We guarantee 99% accuracy and 100% customer satisfaction for all our projects.

We can certify the transcripts for you if you need to submit them to any official organization.

Contact us now to transcribe your audio-video files!

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Moreover, the cost of transcription services at our agency is extremely affordable. We can start you off with a free consultation to determine the transcription services rates for your requirement.

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