100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Fast and Accurate Multilingual Transcription Services in Cincinnati

We at Quick Transcription Service bring you fast and flawless industry-leading transcription services in Cincinnati at prices well within your reach. Specializing in transcription services, our pricing begins at $1 per minute for general types and $2 per minute for legal matters. Call today at 1-800-230-7918 and claim your free quote. Our transcribers are professionals with language expertise and are experienced in their line of work. If you are looking for accurate transcripts delivered on schedule at reasonable rates, you are at the right place! Read on to know how we can cater to your requirements.

Audio and Video Transcription Services – Why Do You Need Them?

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Are you wondering why you need a transcript when you already have an audio/video recording? Let's tell you how our audio/ video transcription services in Cincinnati can be helpful for:

  • ✓ Students
  • ✓ Teachers
  • ✓ Legal professionals
  • ✓ Healthcare professionals
  • ✓ Police 
  • ✓ Researchers
  • ✓ Investigative journalists and others

Short audio and video clips are easy to replay when you wish to listen or view them at will. The same process gets a little tiring as the length of the clip increases. If you want to hear or watch one portion of the recording, you must accurately remember the timeline and rewind or forward the recording to locate the part.

Be it a classroom lesson, research findings, instructional video, or witness testimony, lengthy audio and video recordings are not easy to refer. Getting them transcribed will result in an accurate text transcript of the digital recording. These transcripts are more accessible and make it easier to look for the required information whenever you need it.

Reliable and Professional Transcription Services in Cincinnati

Quick Transcription Service has been offering professional transcription services in Cincinnati for over a decade. The growing number of satisfied customers shows how reliable and proficient we are in our services. We work only with accredited transcriptionists to deliver transcripts across all sectors, such as:

  • ➣ Legal
  • ➣ Business
  • ➣ Corporate
  • ➣ Academics
  • ➣ Law enforcement
  • ➣ Healthcare, and others.
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If you need human transcription services in Cincinnati, get in touch to know how we can address your requirements.

Our Cincinnati Transcription Services – What Can You Expect?

We rank among the best transcription services companies in Cincinnati, offering quality transcripts at cheap rates.

Our company is ISO-certified. We follow ISO standards to provide quality transcription services to our customers.

Our expert transcriptionists are experienced in transcribing industry-specific audio and video recordings. They are native language specialists and can deliver transcriptions in more than 100 languages.

We offer the most affordable transcription services in Cincinnati that are 100% human and 99% accurate. The transcripts are complete and thorough in all respects.

We can fulfill your request if you are looking for certified transcription services in Cincinnati. All our transcribers are qualified to attest/certify transcripts if needed. We can get transcripts notarized on request. Certification is free, but notarization is a paid service.

We assure you that all the details you send us are maintained confidential. We sign a Non-disclosure agreement with our customers to guarantee that we will handle your project securely. 

We support regular, rush, and super-rush transcription requests to cater to demands based on different turn-around times. 

We accept all standard audio and video file formats and can render transcripts in the file formats you need.

You can expect us to deliver flawless and complete certified transcripts in the languages of your choice at the agreed time and within your budget. 

We offer court approved legal transcription services that are admissible for legal proceedings.

Further, speaker identification and timecoding features are available for legal transcription, seminars, and other recordings with multiple speakers.

Professional Audio Transcription Services in Cincinnati

The subject knowledge and language expertise required to transcribe different audio files are bound to differ. Transcribing legal, medico-legal, academic research, and scientific reports requires an advanced level of subject know-how to render an accurate transcript.
Our network of professional audio transcribers comprises members with different levels of expertise and experience. We choose the transcriptionist with the most relevant skills needed to work on your project. Our transcribers can work on different audio/video recordings, be it:

  • ✓ Interview
  • ✓ Court hearing
  • ✓ Phone call
  • ✓ Dictation 
  • ✓ Podcast
  • ✓ Meeting
  • ✓ Scientific/academic research or any other type.

Cincinnati – Demographics, Education & Job Opportunities

Cincinnati is Ohio's third-largest city, housing a population of locals, Asians, and African Americans. The local economy is healthy and offers better prospects for job seekers in the Business, Education, Technology, Manufacturing, Biohealth, and Services sectors. The living cost and unemployment rates are both lower than the national average. Fortune 500 firms such as Proctor and Gamble, Macy's, Kroger, American Financial, and Fifth Third Bank have offices in the city. 

Students can pursue their education at the University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Chatfield College, or other educational institutions in the city. Cincinnati is also an excellent destination for entrepreneurs.

A panoramic view of Cincinnati, Ohio

If you require professional transcription services in Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, or any other language, speak to our support team today. We also render transcripts in Braille.  Apart from transcription, we bring you quality translation, subtitling, open and closed captioning services as well.

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