100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Reliable and Accurate Transcription Services in Denver on Demand

Quick Transcription Service is an established ISO-certified company offering authentic transcription services in Denver for over a decade. We employ accredited transcribers to provide our customers with the best transcription services in Denver at competitive prices. Our transcription services start at just $1 per minute for general content and $2 per minute for legal transcriptions. Call 1-800-230-7918 now to receive your complimentary quote today. Textual transcripts of audio/video recordings are easy to refer to, index, and share with others. Read on to know more about how we can address your need for transcriptions.

Expert Denver Transcription Services for All Industries

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Our transcription services cater to requests from industries that rely on audiovisual content for their operations. We team up with transcriptionists with extensive experience transcribing industry-specific content to deliver authentic transcripts that meet the required standards. We transcribe recordings for different sectors such as:

  • • Legal
  • • Academics
  • • Healthcare
  • • Media & Entertainment
  • Dvd
  • • Government
  • • Police and Law Enforcement
  • • Non-Profit

Prompt & Professional Audio Transcription Services in Denver

We fully understand the need for last-minute transcription services. While our regular services are prompt and thorough, we also offer rush and super rush transcriptions on demand. Recognizing the diverse needs and budget constraints of our clients, we are proud to offer affordable transcription services that do not compromise on quality. Our transcribers have a trained ear and can churn out transcripts deftly without missing a single syllable. We assure you that short turnaround times will in no way affect the quality of the final transcripts.

We transcribe all types of recordings, such as:

  • Interview
  • ✓ Conference call
  • ✓ Board meeting
  • ✓ Dictation
  • ✓ Classroom lecture
  • ✓ Podcast
  • ✓ Phone call
  • ✓ Research report and others
  • Digital Video File
  • ✓ Wiretap
  • ✓ Trial & Hearing
  • ✓ Deposition

Recognizing the diverse needs across various locales, we have expanded our professional audio transcription services to Kansas City, Freeport, Edmonton, Louisville, and Atlanta. This expansion is part of our commitment to providing prompt and accessible transcription solutions to a broader audience. In these cities, as in Denver, we assure you of our dedication to quality, confidentiality, and timely delivery.

We can identify each speaker individually in the transcript if your audio recording has many speakers. We also time code transcripts on your request. Speaker identification and timecoding are valuable features much needed in legal transcripts. They help legal professionals closely follow the proceedings of a case.

Certified Professional Transcription Services in Denver

If you are looking for certified transcription services in Denver, your search ends here! Our accredited transcribers are fully qualified to certify the transcripts they render. Not all transcripts need certification. Legal transcriptions, however, need certification to be recognized as valid legal documents.

Certification guarantees the completeness and accuracy of the transcript. It also assures authorities that the rendition is unbiased. Certification is a must for legal transcripts of depositions, testimonies, confessions, investigative reports, and other similar content to be court approved. We are among the few transcription services companies in Denver that offer free certification of transcripts.

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Multilingual Audio and Video Transcription Services

Transcription demands exceptional language skills, attention to detail, subject expertise, and quick responses to deliver accurate text versions of audio recordings. Our transcribers have the necessary skills and expertise to bring you 99% accurate transcripts true to the original recording.

We transcribe the recorded content in over 100 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, Vietnamese, Japanese, and others.

Students studying overseas can have class lectures transcribed in a familiar language to keep pace with the daily lessons. Teachers, on the other hand, can distribute lecture transcripts to students to facilitate their learning. Transcripts are also quite valuable for academic research as text content is easy to look up and share with others.

Entertainment and media houses may opt for our video transcription services in Denver to make their content SEO-friendly. We also work on subtitling and closed captioning requests for videos. Subtitling is bound to expand viewership to foreign viewers. At the same time, closed-captioning helps video content reach a hearing-impaired audience, whether educational, promotional, or entertaining.

Scope for Business, Education, and Employment in Denver

Ranked as one of the best places to live in the US, Denver, aka High Mile City, has a healthy economy and ample opportunities for employment and education. Though the cost of living and house rentals steadily rise, well-paying jobs, quality educational establishments, and scenic natural surroundings add to Denver's appeal. In addition to our services in Denver, we also offer colorado springs transcription services for those in the southern part of the state, ensuring accessibility to our quality transcription solutions across Colorado.

Regis, Denver, and Colorado Boulder universities offer research and higher education scope. Several large companies in the food and agriculture, finance, biotech, hospitality, healthcare, and aviation sectors serve as employment hubs that drive the local economy. The local cannabis industry also contributes to the city's revenue. Google, Nutrien and Leprino Foods, HomeAdvisor, Raytheon, Boeing, and Lockheed and Martin are a few notable companies located in Denver.

The skyline of Colorado’s capital city, Denver.

You can trust us at Quick Transcription Service to deliver top-notch, confidential transcription services in Denver that meet your requirements and expectations. Our corporate customers are entitled to discounts and flexible credit limits. We also assign dedicated account managers for their projects. If you need reliable human transcription services in Denver at cheap rates, please contact our support agents on live chat or mail us your requirements.

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